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The Boys at Stud

Stregato Qui Velit

Billi is a very handsome 4 year old tri.  Billi is the most loving, caring dog.  He loves to play with all the dogs here.  He is very patient and has a lot of manners.

DOB:  28.09.2019 

Billi is genetically tested and is 

CEA carrier, MDR1 clear (non-carrier)

DM clear (non-carrier), DMS aabbCc

Proven stud

Sire:  Wicani Cloak and Dagger

Dam:  Gemheid China Girl at Stregato

Billi 2.jpg
Billi 3_edited.jpg
Rodney 2.JPG
Rodney 1_edited.jpg

Stregato Foolish Guy

Rodney is a very handsome 2 year old sable.  Rodney has a fabulous temperament, full of character and the most loving, caring dog.  Rodney is extremely clever and enjoys all activities such as dog showing, agility, tricks and has his own portfolio to become an actor! 

As the breed standard says..."appears as dog of great beauty, standing with impassive dignity, with no part out of proportion to whole, giving the appearance of working capability"

DOB:  11.01.2022

Rodney is genetically tested and is 

CEA clear (non-carrier), MDR1 clear (non-carrier)

DM clear (non-carrier)

Sire:  Wicani Invoking Spirit

Dam:  Gemheid China Girl at Stregato

Contact:  Kelly Crawford on

Gemheid Troubleshooter

Red is a very handsome and regal looking sable boy.  He has a zest for life.  Very energetic and extremely loving to everyone he meets.  He really is an athlete in disguise and could easily work the fields all day long.

DOB:  02.01.2021

Red is genetically tested for

MDR1 and is clear (non-carrier). 

Through parentage he is

clear (non-carrier) for CEA and DM

Proven Stud

Sire:  Wicani Invoking Spirit

Dam: Gemheid Call Me Trouble

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