The Boys at Stud

Stregato Blue of Hearts

Fynn is a very handsome 3 year old blue merle.  He is so full of energy and loves life to the max.  He is a big strong lad, very intelligent and loving.   

DOB:  25.08.2018

Fynn is genetically clear of

CEA (+/+), MDR1 (+/+) and DM (+/+)

Sire:  Orionsview Blue Knight at Stregato

Dam: Wicani Hecate at Stregato

Stregato Qui Velit

Billi is a very handsome 2 year old tri.  Billi is the most loving, caring dog.  He loves to play with all the dogs here.  He is very patient and has a lot of manners.

DOB:  28.09.2019 

Billi is genetically tested and is 

CEA carrier, MDR1 clear, DM clear, DMS aabbCc

Sire:  Wicani Cloak and Dagger

Dam:  Gemheid China Girl at Stregato

Fynn 4 June 2021.jpg
Billi 4 June.jpg
Billi 2 yr old (4).jpg
Billi 2 yr old.jpg